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A small group of religious Germanic people called "Moravians" first settled in Pennsylvania, after arriving from central Europe and latter came to what is now Piedmont North Carolina to the present day city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Here they built and created a planed community founded in 1766. These devout Moravian's could trace their Religious Faith to the fifteenth century Bohemian martyr John Hus who was burned at the stake in 1415. Home Moravian Church Old Salem Photo by Robert Lee Ebrerhardt, III
After his death some of his followers formed one of the earliest Protestant denominations called Unitas Fratrum (Unity of the Brethren) in 1457. Salem, from the Hebrew word meaning City of Peace, was determined to be a "congregational town" occupied only by Moravians and thus would be spiritually and economically directed by the Church. Over the years these Moravians have held on to their European Traditions and customs passing from generation to generation distinctive recipes such as the one used to make our Moravian Cookies
C. Winkler Bakery Old Salem Photo by Robert Lee Eberhardt, III General Assortment: We offer all year round many Moravian Treats. These world- famous Moravian Cookies are paper- thin and crisp. "Baked the old fashion way" and comes in four delicious flavors, the "Original Ginger, "Sugar," "Lemon" and "Walnut." Also you might want to try our Cheese Straws and Cheese Petites. All of the items usually ship worldwide in the tins and tubes.

Making Sugar Cake
in the
C. Winkler Bakery

Making Sugar Cake Old Salem Photo by Robert Lee Eberhardt, III
Making Moravian Cookies Old Salem Photo by Robert Lee Eberhardt, III  

Making Moravian
Sugar Cookies in the
C. Winkler Bakery



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