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 German Pewter<br>Saint Nikolaus In The Auto   German Pewter
Saint Nikolaus In The Auto
 $21.98  $17.58  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Saint Nikolaus   German Pewter
Saint Nikolaus
 $21.98  $17.58  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Round Hanging Jerusalem   German Pewter
Round Hanging Jerusalem
 $18.98  $13.29  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Rocking Horse With Packages   German Pewter
Rocking Horse With Packages
 $19.98  $13.99  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Pin - Rucksack with Edelweiss   German Pewter
Pin - Rucksack with Edelweiss
 $21.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Pin - Heart with Edelweiss Bouquet   German Pewter
Pin - Heart with Edelweiss Bouquet
 $19.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Pin - Four Musicians   German Pewter
Pin - Four Musicians
 $23.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Pin - Flower Wagon   German Pewter
Pin - Flower Wagon
 $19.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Pin - Christmas Tree   German Pewter
Pin - Christmas Tree
 $18.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Pin - Brown Bear with Bow   German Pewter
Pin - Brown Bear with Bow
 $21.98  $15.39  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Organ   German Pewter
 $19.98  $13.99  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Nativity - Marry and Child   German Pewter
Nativity - Marry and Child
 $14.98  $11.24  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Model Train Collector   German Pewter
Model Train Collector
 $68.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Locomative Adler   German Pewter
Locomative Adler
 $21.98  $17.58  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Ice Skating Pair   German Pewter
Ice Skating Pair
 $20.98  $15.74  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>House With Snowman   German Pewter
House With Snowman
 $19.98  $14.99  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Heart With Beads - Yellow   German Pewter
Heart With Beads - Yellow
 $18.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Heart with Beads - Red   German Pewter
Heart with Beads - Red
 $18.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Heart with Beads - Blue   German Pewter
Heart with Beads - Blue
 $18.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Gingerbread House   German Pewter
Gingerbread House
 $18.98  Buy Now 
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