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 German Pewter<br>Youngster with Snow Balls   German Pewter
Youngster with Snow Balls
 $18.98  $14.24  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Youngster with Lantern   German Pewter
Youngster with Lantern
 $19.98  $14.99  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Youngster on the Sled   German Pewter
Youngster on the Sled
 $23.98  $19.18  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Wood Stove   German Pewter
Wood Stove
 $19.98  $15.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Weather Station   German Pewter
Weather Station
 $17.98  $13.49  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Two Angels With Candle   German Pewter
Two Angels With Candle
 $18.98  $13.29  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Tiled Stove   German Pewter
Tiled Stove
 $69.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Three Wize Men   German Pewter
Three Wize Men
 $24.98  $19.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Three Kings   German Pewter
Three Kings
 $19.98  $15.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>The Musicians are Coming   German Pewter
The Musicians are Coming
 $68.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Stocking with Teddy   German Pewter
Stocking with Teddy
 $21.23  $16.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht   German Pewter
Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht
 $39.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Sewing Machine   German Pewter
Sewing Machine
 $19.98  $15.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Santa With His Sack   German Pewter
Santa With His Sack
 $19.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Santa Sitting On The sled   German Pewter
Santa Sitting On The sled
 $15.98  $11.99  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Santa On The Sled   German Pewter
Santa On The Sled
 $18.98  $14.24  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Santa On The Roof   German Pewter
Santa On The Roof
 $21.98  $17.58  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Santa - Side View   German Pewter
Santa - Side View
 $19.98  $15.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Santa - Front View   German Pewter
Santa - Front View
 $19.98  $15.98  Buy Now 
 German Pewter<br>Saint Nikolaus With Doll   German Pewter
Saint Nikolaus With Doll
 $19.98  $13.99  Buy Now 
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